In 2019 we launched Impact 100 Wichita Falls with the profound belief that ordinary women can make extraordinary impact by pooling their financial resources.

The Impact 100 Giving Model

Wendy Steele of Cincinnati, Ohio created the Impact 100 giving model in 2001 and has since seen it grow to over fifty Chapters world-wide

Her vision was to create a model designed to:

  • be inclusive;

  • empower women to see themselves as philanthropists;

  • overcome the barriers that prevent community involvement; and

  • facilitate transformational grantmaking, with a minimum grant size of $100,000.

The initial model outlined the Five Focus Areas and detailed the grant recipient selection process.  All Impact 100 Chapters still follow this landmark model with great success.  

$ 55 Million Dollars

The total dollar amount Impact 100 organizations around the globe had given by the end of 2017.

Wendy Steele

The Impact100 Model was created to empower women and provide transformational grants across five broad Focus Areas in local communities. I am delighted to see Impact100 replicated in Wichita Falls and look forward to celebrating your success. As you grow, please know the Impact100 community will always be with you; providing support, leadership and guidance, every step of the way.

Impact 100 Wichita Falls

Impact 100 Wichita Falls was established by a group of women brought together by Paula Perkins, who had heard about similar collective women’s giving networks across the nation. 


The Founding Board of Directors first met in June 2018 in preparation for the organization’s public launch in 2019.  We capitalized our talents to organize, and what we didn’t know, we researched. 


The Impact 100 model was chosen because of its tried-and-true replicability and associated results.  Check out the FAQs surrounding the Impact 100 model. 


We reached out to other Impact 100 organizations across the country to learn about their best practices and strategically used those methods in our design and process.

Paula Perkins

I'm eager for Impact 100 Wichita Falls to launch, as we seek life-changing ways to connect members to this community and give philanthropic women the opportunity to see their charitable donations in action.

Shelly Cunningham

This opportunity allows me to respond to community needs with an impact I could never have on my own.  Wichita Falls is on the brink of something exciting as our high-impact grants help organizations transform our community through the services they provide.



The Impact 100 Council encourages collaboration and sharing of best practices among Impact 100 chapters to allow for continued growth and sustainability of Impact 100 around the world. Impact 100 Wichita Falls will be eligible to join the Impact 100 Council once the inaugural grant cycle is initiated in 2020.


Impact 100 Wichita Falls is a member of Catalist, the national women’s collective giving and grant makers network.  Catalist empowers women by supporting the creation, development, and expansion of collective giving through informed grantmaking.  This organization gives a national voice to and accelerates the power of the high-impact collective giving movement.


Impact 100 

The power of women giving as one 

to transform & impact their community


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Wichita Falls, TX 76308

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