Philanos Webinar: Communicating Impact in a Trust-Based Philanthropy World

Is your circle membership concerned that trust-based philanthropy will diminish the impact of your grants? Concerned that your circle will even know if your grants are still making a difference? Has your organization heavily relied on receiving metrics and reports? Does this challenge your member communications?

These changes present terrific opportunities! An opportunity to reimagine relationships with grantee partners. An opportunity to explore streamlining and simplifying the grant reporting process.

The Philanos March 14 webinar will present two speakers experienced in trust-based philanthropy with stories to share! Hear about a Philanos Affiliate that has never required reports or metrics from its grantee partners. Learn about another affiliate that used their transition to unrestricted funding to co-create impact reporting side by side with their grantee partners.

Even more important, you will hear about how the impact of their funding has been positively communicated to the respective affiliate members.

We will be welcoming Stephanie Cook, Executive Director, San Diego Women’s Foundation and Philanos board member where she is the Vice Chair of Affiliate Engagement. Joining Stephanie is Kathryn Zecca, a member of Many Hands (Washington DC) where she currently serves as President and previously served as their past grants chair.