Members have many opportunities to be actively engaged in Impact100 Wichita Falls: supporting the organization, learning more about local nonprofits, and becoming knowledgeable philanthropists in the process. However, there is no time commitment required. Members of all experience levels and capacity to give time, talent, and treasure are welcomed and encouraged along their philanthropic journey!

Ways to Volunteer

Recruit New Members

You tell the story of Impact100 Wichita Falls best. Host a small gathering and invite your friends. Casually talk with those in your circle about your involvement. Share your authentic enthusiasm and belief in Impact100 Wichita Falls, then simply make the ask! You can also sponsor a member like your daughter-in-law, granddaughter, mother, sister, coworker, or another important woman in your life.

Join a Focus Area Committee

Members review and evaluate grant applications submitted to Impact100 Wichita Falls. This is one of the most impactful ways to participate while learning about the assets and needs of our community and experiencing the grant review process firsthand.

Raise Funds for Operations and Events

As any nonprofit organization, we must cover our operating expenses. Help us secure sponsors, write grants, link us with donors, etc.​

Help Us Diversify

We want to be an organization that reflects the diverse perspectives of women and those we serve in the Greater Wichita Falls community. Join this team to target Diversity, Equity & Inclusion as we continue to grow.

Communicate With Our Community

Are you a strategic thinker, creative writer, graphic designer, or just plain doer? You can help with development of marketing materials, social media, or publications such as annual reports.

Educate Fellow Members

Part of the growth opportunity associated with Impact100 Wichita Falls membership is learning how to be a more thoughtful and intentional philanthropist. Do you have knowledge in this area? Help us create content and events that encourage members to grow their impact.

Engage Fellow Members

Help us make sure everyone has a deeply satisfying membership experience by developing fun, inspirational, and social activities that create a sense of belonging and allow women to connect with other women of like-mind and heart. Beginning in 2021, we will also be seeking members who are willing to welcome and mentor new members.

Help With an Event

All hands are on deck for the Big Reveal, member education events, and Grant Award Night. ​

Say Thanks

It’s so easy and so necessary for the success of our organization. We need members who will express our gratitude in handwritten notes of appreciation or phone calls.

Be a Leader

Would you consider a Board of Directors position? Leaders in Impact100 Wichita Falls come from all over the community. Each brings her own unique influence and impact to our organization.