Impact100 Wichita Falls announces finalists for $81,000 Grant Award

(WICHITA FALLS, TX) – Impact100 Wichita Falls is pleased to announce the four Finalists and their respective projects being considered for the $81,000 grant to be awarded in June.

Twenty-three nonprofit agencies submitted applications in March.  Since then, the applications have been vetted by Focus Area Committees comprised of almost 30 members.  The Finalists will present their projects during the annual meeting on Thursday, June 10th, and the 81 voting members will immediately select one grant recipient.

According to Impact100 Wichita Falls President Paula Perkins, “One of the most exciting aspects of Impact100 is that the membership is actively engaged in the process—from start to finish.  This allows us all to not only learn more about strategic philanthropy but to experience it in action as we participate together.”


The finalist organizations are:

Impact100 Wichita Falls 2021 Finalists

Child Care Partners – “After School Program Gym Renovation” (Family Focus Area)

This project provides for a gym renovation to create a safe, fun place for school age children at the center attached to the Family Services Center located in the Wichita Falls Housing Authority. This space will be ideal for after-school play, summer programs and field trips, allowing Child Care Partners to increase the number of children they can offer services in a safe place.

First Step, Inc. – “Offender Accountability Program” (Health and Wellness Focus Area)

This project would fund the recruitment, training and expenses of facilitators for the accredited Battering Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP). Working with the court system and law enforcement agencies, First Step estimates up to 100 offenders could enter this program every six months, which requires the completion of a 26-week course to teach and equip offenders better ways of navigating relationships. With a 60% success rate, this program has led to cultural change in domestic abuse and a reduction in violence against victims in other communities.

Wichita Falls Symphony Orchestra – “Symphony Garden Project” (Arts and Culture Focus Area)

This project will commission local artists to build and install musical-themed playground areas, called “sound gardens,” at diverse locations in Wichita Falls. Community members and visitors will engage in musical play with specially designed musical instruments that encourage interaction with the arts, thus reaching a diverse patron base and creating a common bond through the universal language of music.

Wichita Falls Youth Symphony Orchestra – “Make a Big Noise” (Education Focus Area)

This project would purchase percussion instrument equipment which will drastically expand the range of education for percussionists and the entire orchestra, expanding the repertoire and challenge of the student orchestra experience. The project also includes a faculty instructor for the percussion ensemble, protective cases and safe on-site storage and transportation to performance venues.


Applicants were asked to submit requests for projects that yielded transformational and sustained change through innovative efforts or the deepening or expansion of services.


“We are grateful for the amazing work all our applicant organizations do on a daily basis,” said Ruth Jones Vaughn, Grants Chair.  “Their jobs can be extremely challenging.  As members, we are honored to have this opportunity to make a significant investment in the mission of one of these four worthy finalists.”

Each Impact100 member has committed $1,000 to the grant.

Impact100 Wichita Falls is continuing plans to grow the membership to offer a $100,000 grant, with a goal of, one day, awarding multiple $100,000 grants in five focus areas of Arts & Culture; Education; Environment; Recreation & Preservation, Family; and Health and Wellness.


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